We work with a wide range of organisations in both the private, public and not for profit sectors. Some of the clients for whom we have solved problems of talented but difficult employees include:-

Pitney Bowes Limited
“I would recommend FOXX Associates Limited to you if you have senior executives whose ability to deliver is undermined by the way they interact with peers and subordinates. I would also encourage you to engage with them before these behavioural issues have reached a stage where the executive is a “lame duck” and decisions have already been taken regarding their future (or lack of it) with the company. FOXX do their best work when the situation is salvageable – and their fees are really quite reasonable!

David Denny
(VP Human Resources International)

Huntleigh Technology
I have worked with FOXX Associates Limited
for over 15 years initially as an NHS Trust Chief executive and for the past 10 years as President and CEO of a healthcare company is the United States. I regard them highly for their innately accurate perception of people and have greatly valued their integrity when I have needed to makedifficult choices when restructuring my management team. Their assessments and diagnoses have always been spot on!

Robert S Angel (President and CEO)


Hackney Homes
Dealing with technically able but difficult to manage people can be a real problem for organisations. However, successful outcomes can be achieved with intelligent resourcing and modest budgets. This was the experience of Hackney council when it decided to review why progress was not being made on a major regeneration scheme in the Borough. There was initial scepticism about the chances of success on a low budget but we were surprised and delighted by the quality of the result. The team was reconstituted with the result that the scheme has become one of the Government’s core National Demonstration Projects for Mixed Sustainable Communities. We strongly recommend FOXX Associates Limited where organisations are experiencing able people who are particularly difficult to manage.

Robin Smith (Programme Director)

Transport for London
From time to time we all make recruitment mistakes and they can be costly in time and money terms to resolve as the tendency is to live with the difficult person in the hope that a solution will miraculously appear. It never does. Bringing FOXX Associates in helped us get to a resolution to the problem we were dealing with in a way that left us feeling that, with their assistance, we had done everything we could. Should we be unfortunate enough to find ourselves in a similar situation again, we wouldn't hesitate to get FOXX involved as soon as possible.

Mary Hardy(Director of Audit)